Closed Bodies

There were twelve, Ford sold, closed bodies which were installed on the Ford Model AA chassis during the production years. The 85-A and 85-B Panel Deliveries were the only closed bodies available through 1930. The other ten closed body types were introduced in 1931 and had low production volumes.  The following listing indicates the production time period and supplier of each of the twelve closed body types. The 210-A Panel Delivery, 330-A School Bus, and 330-B Passenger Bus were installed on the AA157. The 315-A Standrive was installed on the AA112. All of the other body types were installed on the AA131. A closed body gallery follows the listing.

85-A Panel Delivery – May 1928 – June 1930 (Budd)
85-B Panel Delivery – June 1930 – production end (Murray)
210-A Panel Delivery – May 1931 – production end (Murray)
270-A Funeral Service – er/31 – production end (Briggs)
275-A Funeral Coach – er/31 – production end (Briggs)
280-A Ambulance – er/31 – production end (Briggs)
285-A De Luxe Police Patrol – er/31 – production end (Murray)
290-A Standard Police Patrol – er/31 – production end (Murray)
300-A De Luxe Delivery – 2/31 – production end (Briggs)
315-A Standrive – 8/31 – 7/32 (Baker Raulang)
330-A School Bus – er/31 – production end (Union City)
330-B Passenger Bus – er/31 – production end (Union City)

Ford Model AA Closed Body Gallery