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What The Ford Model AA Site Contains

This site is devoted to the 1-1/2 ton Ford Model AA Trucks and commercial vehicles built on the AA chassis. Included are photographs and information covering the AA, like the one shown above, as it rolled off the Ford assembly plant lines. The site’s content contains design designations (like d1, d2, etc.) to identify different assembly line body types and chassis parts not identified in Ford information.

The Site-Map page provides a link-listing of all site pages and is helpful in seeing the hierarchic of this site’s pages. In addition, each page footer has a Site Map link.

AA Fords Overview contains a high level view of the AA commercial vehicles. Details of Ford AA truck bodies and chassis components can be found within this site using the menu at the top of each page. The Body Types page has a listing of the many Ford AA body types (both cab and cargo body types).

Please note that pages which are under construction are indicated as such at the bottom of those page.

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