82-A Closed Cab Overview

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82-A Closed Cab Overview

The Edward G. Budd Manufacturing, Co. supplied Ford with the 82-A closed cab. It was used on the AA’s from the start of production in December of 1927 through June of 1930. With changes to the rear body bolt holes, this cab was available on the A chassis starting in May of 1928 and was also used through June of 1930. The 82-A was replaced with the 82-B closed cab starting in June of 1930.

This cab was designed to use slightly modified Model T coupe and Tudor doors. The photograph below shows the 82-A closed cab for identification. This photograph is of an early 1929 AA. The major features which identify the 82-A cab from the later 82-B cab are the exposed hinge pillar, flat belt moulding, square back corners, flat back panels, small rear window and top material covered, skeleton type, sunvisor.

82-A Closed Cab - production start through August 1930

82-A Closed Cab – production start through August 1930

Note the location of the side view mirror on the hinge pillar at the sunvisor. A common location for most of 1928 and early 1929 closed cabs. The 82-A came with a hand operated windshield wiper. The optional pin striping can be seen. Both the inside door lock lever and its knob are bright nickel plated. The outside handle had a brownish-black insert held by a bright, nickle plated cover which was crimped in place. The cab shown to the right would have been the common 1929 color of Rock Moss Green with a Straw stripe. Both the outside and inside of the cab was painted this color. The cab shown is not polished. This was the standard finish for the AA’s. A polished finish was available for an extra charge.

The 82-A cab had four rear-upper back panel designs. The photograph below shows design 1 and 4:

d1 – A unique Ford script was stamped above the rear window which was located in the upper molding; reinforcement ribs extended from window lower corners – used from production start thru February 1928

d2 – same as d1 but without the Ford script – March thru June 1928

d3 – lowered rear window (4”) – June and July of 1928

d4 – added reinforcement ribs at window upper corners – July 1928 thru June 1930

82-A Cab d1 & d4 backs

82-A Upper Back Panel – Design 1 and 4

Information about parts such as doors, floor boards, glass, mirror installations, etc. is found on the 82-A Closed Cab Details page.

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