There were five cabs used on AA trucks as listed below. These cabs were also used on the A (except for different floor boards and mats in most cases). The 76-A open cab was not available on the AA until May of 1928 as noted in the May 25, 1928 Indianapolis Service Letter. The closed cab was considered and referenced in Ford documentation as the “AA cab” through April 1928. It was slightly modified and became available on the A chassis starting May 1928.


75-A Chassis Seat
76-A Open Cab
76-B Open Cab
82-A Closed Cab
82-B Closed Cab

The gallery below is a collection of photographs of Ford cab and chassis AA’s. The photographs are sequenced by cab body type and production date (where known). Ford archive photographs have not been found of cab and chassis AA’s with the 76-A and 76-B open cab. Consequently Ford drawings are shown in the gallery. Neither photographs or drawings have not been found for the late 1931 75-A a description is found at 75-A Chassis Seat.

Ford sold the cab and chassis to dealers. The dealers and/or their customers add a cargo body from the many different types available from other suppliers. Enjoy the gallery!

Cab & Chassis Examples