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Contents – Overview, Parts Groupings

AA Chassis Overview

The Ford model AA’s were produced from December 1927 through February 1932 except the AA Standrive which was produced through July 1932. The AA’s were rated at 1-1/2 tons (an upgrade from the 1 ton TT rated chassis). The initial AA chassis had a 131-1/2” wheel base. Starting in mid 1930 Ford also offered a 157” AA wheel base chassis. A 112” AA wheel base, Standrive, chassis was introduced in August 1931. These three chassis are referenced as AA131, AA157, or AA112 within this AA Fords site.

December 1927 AA131 Chassis

December 1927 AA131 Chassis

The photograph to the left shows what Ford included as a complete AA131. This chassis was offered to customers wanting to add their own body. It included the hood, cowl tank assembly, headlamps, tail lamp, front fenders, running boards, and shields.

Ford issued several releases of a “Parts Price List” booklet covering everything in the photo on the left and some additional parts such as the wheel carriers, cowl lamps, rear view mirror, tools, windshield wiper, and more. Parts were in numerical sequence and sub-divided into groups. Detail information for each grouping of parts is provided as a separate page.

AA Chassis Parts Groupings

Note that items with links have details provided. Groups and/or parts without links are under construction.

AA-1000 WheelsWheel Nuts, Tires/Tubes, Tire Valves, Hub Caps, Hubs/Drums
AA-1400 Wheel Carrier
AA-2000 Service Brake
AA-2400 Service Brake Control
AA-2600 Emergency Brake
AA-2800 Emergency Brake Control
AA-3030 Front Axle
AA-4000 Rear Axle – 1927/1929 Worm Type; 1928/1929 Bevel Gear Type; 1930/1931 Bevel Gear Type
AA-4802 Coupling Shaft
AA-4830 Dual High
AA-5005 FrameFrame Assembly, Engine Rear Support, Running Board Brackets, Other Brackets
…A-5151 Battery Support – A parts only
AA-5230 Muffler
AA-5310 Front Springs
AA-5560 Rear Springs
…A-6005 Engine – A parts only
AA-7006 Transmission – Four Speed
AA-7208 Gear Shift – Four Speed
AA-7501 Clutch
AA-8005 Radiator
AA-13510 Electrical System – Tail Lamp Support Brackets, Tail Lamp Wiring
AA-16000 Fenders, Running Boards and Shields – includes A parts also
…A-16600 Hood, Hood Shelf, Hood Clips – A parts only
AA-17000 Tools
AA-17200 Speedometer
AA-17680 Mirror Bracket
AA-17750 Bumper
AA-18330 Spare Wheel Lock

Contents – Overview, Parts Groupings