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185-A Overview

1930 Platform Truck - 82-B Closed Cab and 185-A Platform with 186-A Stake Racks on 157" Wheel Base, 1-1/2 Ton AA Chassis

1930 Platform Truck – 82-B Closed Cab and 185-A Platform with 186-A Stake Racks on 157″ Wheel Base, 1-1/2 Ton AA Chassis

The picture to the left shows the 185-A platform with 186-A stake racks which was designed for the new 1930 tapered framed AA157. This setup is quite different from other Ford sold platforms and stake racks. Both platform and racks are mostly wood and almost no stamped steel parts. The body supplier is not know currently.

Platform body 185-A did not begin production until after mid July of 1930 as indicated in the July 15, 1930 Indianapolis, IND. service letter. It must have been that the July 1930 released AA157 was sold as a cab and chassis before the 185-A platform and 186-A stake racks were ready for production.

The July 1930 stated price was – stake body $105.00 and platform less stakes – $70.00. The platform cargo area was 75” wide by 132” long. With racks, the cargo height was  42”. The stake body weight was 1182 lbs. and the platform without racks was 882 lbs.

As a body weight comparison – the 158-A platform was 35% heaver than the “Midland Steel Products Company” 1931, AA157 185-B platform. And, the 186-A stake racks were about 25% heaver than the corresponding 42” high 1931 186-B stake racks.

Unlike the prior and subsequent Ford sold platform bodies, the 185-A had wood cross sills with angle iron floor side and rear member assemblies. These assemblies rest slush on the floor boards and were bolted (through the floor boards) to the wood cross sill. These assemblies included the stake pockets riveted to heavy angle iron with a guard rail riveted to the outside face of the stake pockets.

The cargo floor had ten 1-1/4” thick floor boards with a skid strip covering the 5/16″ space between each pair of boards. The nine skid strips were bolted (between floor boards) to angle iron strips attached to the wood cross sills.

Like other commercial cargo bodies, the 185-A was completely assembled before painting. The entire body was painted (top, bottom, and all hardware). The cargo body and cab were painted the same color.

The new AA157 had a tapered frame (AA-5006). Consequently, the platform wooden side sills were also tapered (i.e. wider apart at the rear than at the front) so that they could rest on the chassis frame.

185-A Platform Details

An article containing the 185-A platform details is provided in the link below. This article is a PDF file (fairly large and therefore take some time to open).

AA Truck Talk – The 185-A Platform Body

185-A Platform Equipment

186-A stake racks (under construction)

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