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242-A Express HD Designs

The 89-A express body has been defined as having three designs for purposes of identification. The following is an overview of these designs.

d1 – Tall front panel (TT carry-over) with a wooden front cross sill requiring skid strips to be attached with wood screws, center stake pockets extended to the wheel wells requiring notched rear fenders, four pair of installation tie straps per side requiring double notched running board aprons for tie strap clearance, and frame installed body stops. d2 – Center stake pocket shortened in early 1928. Resulted in new rear fenders without center stake pocket notches (same fenders as used on the 85-A panel delivery and 88-A platform). d3 – Front panel shortened starting August 1928. Resulting in elimination of the wooden front cross sill, modified skid strips which attached to the front panel flange with carriage bolts, elimination of body stops, and replacement of front installation tie straps with “L” style brackets. With the change in installation hardware, each running board aprons was changed to eliminate the front tie strap notch and a hole were added for an “L” bracket bolt.

89-A Express (d1, d2, d3) Summary Gallery


89-A Express Front Panel Assembly – to parts listing

The “89-A Express Front Panel Gallery” below shows the two front panel designs.