197-A Express

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197-A Express Overview

1931 AA Express Truck – 82-B Closed Cab and 197-A Express with 198-A Canopy Top (curtains and screens) on an AA157

1931 AA Express Truck – 82-B Closed Cab and 197-A Express with 198-A Canopy Top (curtains and screens) on an AA157

The photograph to the left shows a 1931 AA Express truck with cargo body type 197-A. This body type started production in January 1931 and continued through February 1932 (the end of AA production). It continued in the Ford production line for the 1932 and 1933 truck line with modifications to fit the new frames.

The body was assembled prior to being painted cab color. The body interior and underside were painted the same color as the body exterior.

This body was a longer version of the 195-A express with a cargo area of 132″ long x 54” wide x 16” high. It was designed for use on the paralleled AA157 frame which started production in January 1931.

The cargo floor assembly was made up of wood cross sills supporting wood floor boards with metal skid strips running lengthwise between each board. The front, sides, and tail gate were constructed of exterior sheet metal stampings with wood lined interiors. Both the front panel and tail gate were identical for the 195-A and 197-A. The front and side panel assemblies covered the edges of the cargo floor assembly and were secured to the floor with brackets and carriage bolts. Each side had an exterior support bracket at the rear-side. These brackets and additional side brackets supported the 7-1/2” metal skinned body flares.

The tail gate hardware consisted of three strap hinges with a single rod through all three hinges. Chains with hooks were used to secure the tail gate in the up position or at a 90 degree position.

The photograph show the 198-A canopy top with curtains and screen sides. These were available as optional equipment. The canopy top with curtains could be order without the screen sides.

197-A Express Details

Articles with body details are provided in the links below. Note that these articles cover both the 195-A installed on AA131 and 197-A installed on AA157. Articles are PDF files (fairly large and therefore take some time to open).

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