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AA Production Summary

Ford entered the truck business in 1917 by introducing the TT, 124” wheel base, one ton, chassis. Seven years later, in 1924, complete TT trucks (with both a cab and cargo body) were offered by Ford. TT truck production continued through mid 1927.

The Ford model AA’s were produced from December 1927 through February 1932. The initial AA chassis had a 131-1/2” wheel base. Starting in mid 1930 Ford also offered a 157” AA wheel base chassis. A 112” AA wheel base, Standrive, chassis was introduced in August 1931. There were 49 different body types and 15 factory optional equipment types used on these three AA chassis.

Why “Ford Model AA”

The term “Ford Model AA” was coined because Ford assigned an “AA” prefix to any chassis or body part number which was unique to the 1-1/2 ton Ford commercial vehicles (i.e. these were parts not used with the Ford passenger or commercial “A” chassis).

Example: 1st wheel = part 1015 – consequently, A-1015 = 1st Model A wheel and AA-1015 = 1st Model AA wheel

This same type of part number identification applied to the prior TT’s and the subsequent BB’s. Thus there was the “Ford Model TT” and the “Ford Model BB”. In some cases Ford used the term “Truck” for the AA and “Light Delivery Car” for the A commercial vehicles.

Abbreviations – Terms

AA131 – AA 131-1/2″ wheel base chassis – all production
AA157 – AA 157″ wheel base chassis – starting June 1930
AA112 – AA 112″ wheel base chassis – starting August 1931
Open Body – an AA with a cab and a separate cargo body (like a closed cab platform truck)
Closed Body – an AA with the driver/passenger & cargo areas as one enclosed body (like a panel delivery truck)

Major AA Conversion Dates

Starting 1929 (some in late 1928) – Conversion to AA’s with emergency brakes. AA’s without emergency brakes were produced through 1928 and some into early 1929. Consequently, these AA’s had the hand brake lever at the left cowl.

Starting September 1929 – Conversion to AA’s with 4-Speed Transmission. The A chassis 3-speed was used through September 1929.

January 1930 – Conversion to a heavy duty front end and spiral bevel rear end (beginning of AA’s with optional dual rear wheel)

June 1930 – Conversion of “A” to “B” Suffixed Body Types

82-A Closed Cab to 82-B Closed Cab
76-A Open Cab (starting May 1928) to 76-B Open Cab
85-A Panel Delivery (starting August 1928) to 85-B Panel Delivery

Ford Model AA Lineup

The most common AA cab and cargo body combination sold by Ford is shown in the drawing below. Shown are the two basic cab and platform AA trucks which rolled off the assembly lines. The open cab was also offered starting in May 1928 but had a much lower production volume.

AA Fords Overview - Examples Platforms

The Most Common AA – Closed Cab and Platform Cargo Body

A 1929 AA is shown in the left image has the 1927 through June 1930 Closed Cab (type 82-A) with 88-A Platform. This AA is shown with rear fenders which were a factory production option through mid 1929 only. Prior to February 1929, this AA would have had steel spoke wheels. Starting January 1930, this AA would have had five spoke disk wheels like the AA shown in the right image.

A 1930 AA is shown in the right image and has the June 1930 though production end 82-B Closed Cab. The platform is the same type 88-A cargo body. It was the production platform through February 1931 for the 131-1/2” wheel base AA’s.

Ford offered stake racks, grain sides, and stock racks as additional equipment for the platform. And, many AA platform trucks were fit with aftermarket sides by other suppliers as well.

AA Fords Overview - Examples Express-Panel Delivery

The Express and Panel Delivery AA’s – Available During All Production (1929 versions shown)

Ford offered an express and panel delivery truck as shown in the drawing above. The AA truck in the left image has the 89-A Express, open cargo body and 82-A Closed Cab (used through June 1930). The 89-A was replaced, starting January 1931, with the 195-A Express. The type 85-A Panel Delivery, shown in the right image, was in production from August 1928 through June 1930. A new panel delivery design (type 85-B) was introduced in June of 1930. The only closed AA body types offered by Ford through 1930 were the panel delivery types 85-A and 85-B.

The platform (with or without racks or sides), express, and panel delivery AA’s made up the bulk of the production line AA trucks. Starting in late 1930, Ford offered AA trucks with dump, coal, and garbage bodies as complete units. And, starting in 1931, Ford expanded the AA production line to include a host of additional open and closed bodies. These were low production units such as the service car, ambulance, and bus. Some of these body types were carried forward for production into the 1932 BB truck line.

Ford sold the AA as a cab and chassis or as a chassis only. These units were fit with a wide variety of bodies and equipment supplied by various manufacturing companies.

aafords.com Tour

This tour of the aafords.com provides an overview of the Ford Model AA’s. The tour consists of a set of site links (see below). Clicking a link will open a new tab or window (depends on your browser’s personal settings). After the information/gallery is viewed for a link, close the tab/window to return to this tour so that the next link can be clicked.

Start of Tour

AA Truck MPH – A chart showing calculated MPH for AA with rear axle gear ratios, after market Warford 3-speed transmission, and factory optional dual high transmission.

AA Chassis Frames – A drawing of the 1st AA frame assembly (showing assembly details) and a gallery of frame drawings showing the eight different AA frames.

AA Chassis – A photo gallery of the AA chassis (included cowl, hood, headlamps, front fenders, running boards/shields)

AA Rear Axles – A photo gallery of the three AA rear axle types

AA Wheels – A photo gallery of the six AA wheels

AA Body Type Table – A table listing the 49 body types plus 15 types of factory optional equipment – 5 Cabs, 12 Closed Bodies, 19 Open Cargo Bodies

Cab and Chassis – A photo gallery of Ford sold cab and chassis AA’s

Platform – A photo gallery of Ford sold platform trucks (some with stake racks, grain sides, and stock racks.

Express – A photo gallery of Ford sold express trucks (shows the five different body types).

Special Trucks – A photo gallery with an example of the Ice Truck and Service Car.

Grain Trucks – A description of the two Ford sold grain body trucks with a photo gallery.

Dump Trucks – A photo gallery with examples of Ford sold dump truck.

Coal Trucks – A photo gallery with an example of the four Ford sold coal truck.

Garbage Trucks – A photo gallery with examples of Ford sold garbage truck.

Closed Bodies – A photo gallery with an example of the twelve Ford sold closed body types.

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