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This site is devoted to the 1-1/2 ton Ford Model AA Trucks and commercial vehicles built on the AA chassis. Included are photographs and information covering the AA’s as they rolled off the Ford assembly plant lines.

The aafords Map page provides a link-listing of all site pages and is helpful in seeing the hierarchic of this site’s pages.

AA Fords Overview contains a high level view of the AA commercial vehicles. Details of Ford AA truck bodies and chassis components can be found within this site using the menu at the top of each page. The Body Types page has a listing of the many Ford AA body types (both cab and cargo body types).

Please note that pages which are under construction are indicated as such at the bottom of those page.

Site Author

AAFords.com is authored by Neil Wilson. The site content is based on many years of researching the Ford Model AA’s. This research is a never ending process. As new information is found the site will be updated. The site content may not agree with the opinions of others. It is simply the authors opinion based on his research.

Site Design Designations (like d1, d2, etc.)

In this AA Fords site, design designations (such as d1, d2, etc.) are place after body types and part numbers to indicated a different Ford design for the same body type or part. Design designations are not Ford specified. When Ford released a new body type or part which was backward compatible, the type/part identifier did not change. The new design simply became the on-going production type/part. Any Ford change which was not backward compatible was assigned a new suffix to the body type or part. For examples:

Example 1: Body Type 88-A Platform had multiple changes during its production time period. Ford only used the 88-A designation since any current production platform could be sold through service for older AA trucks. This site uses body type 88-A d1, 88-A d2 and 88-A d3 to identify the different Ford platform designs. These differences are important to those AA’ers doing original assembly line type restorations.

Example 2: AA-1015 20″ steel spoke wheel was changed to a disk wheel in February 1929. Ford assigned this wheel part AA-1015-B since the new wheel was not backwards compatible.

Site Navigation

Enjoy navigating this site. The header menu is the key site navigation tool. Also, many pages have a “Page Content” or “Multi-Page Content” menu below the page title and this is repeated at the bottom of page. Note “aafords Info” in the menu (left end) and in page footers. This page provides links to aafords.com “Map, Search, Contact, Links, and About” pages.

Links within a page or to a page within this site retain the current tab/window. Links to other sites opens the other site’s page in a new tab/window. Right clicking allows any link to be opened in a new tab or new window. “Home” page links are found in the header menu and in page footer.

Menu link colors are:

Black – Not the current page being viewed.
Green – The current page being viewed.
Red – The link color when it is hovered over.
Gray – The link color when it is selected.

Other link colors are:

Blue – An unvisited link (i.e. a link not clicked during a site visit).
Red – The link color when it is hovered over.
Green – A visited link (i.e. a clicked link during a site visit).
Gray – The link color when it is selected.

Site Release History

aafords.com is developed using WordPress with the Twenty Twelve theme. The site is maintained on a local computer using Instant WordPress. When a release is to be put into production on the iPage host, the duplicator plugin is used to create a two file package which is uploaded to the host, aafords account and the new release is installed. Release information follows.

Note that private pages are created for those AA Chassis parts groupings which have not been published. Each page will be developed and published as time permits.

Release 18 – 6/15/17

6/15/17 – This was a modification of the Home page to use a full browser window responsive background image. The text used for the prior Home page was copied to the aafords-about page. The home page text was hidden using opacity .0 for CEO reasons. The menu was changed to not display the drop-down menus which interfered with the viewing of the image.

The Home page reverts back to the prior backgrounds (black for the browser window and mottle-white for the site).

A number of other changes were made (like page names for aafords-info links and the site title extended to include “aafords.com”)

Release 17 – 6/9/17

6/9/17 – This was a cleanup of css and media – Eliminated site-specific css file. The child style.css will contain both the base-line css and site-specific css. When base-line css is changed, then all sites must be changed as well. Changed the css for galleries. Added @site folder to contain site header and background media.

Release 16 – 5/31/17

5/30/17 – Changed child style.css to have base-line css followed by site-specific css. Also saved site-specific css as style-aafords.css. Going forward, base-line css will be used for all sites and site-specific css will be added for each site. When base-line css is changed, then all sites must be changed as well. Changed the background to black.jpg for base-line css.

Release 15 – 5/23/17

5/21/17 – Changed child css @media screen and (max-width: 800px) to @media screen and (max-width: 600px) to match theme css @media. Changed page menus to new class=toc (uses inline-block). HTML for each page menu item is defined in a div and therefore becomes a block. This class=toc is also used for within-page menus. New class=list was added. It is the same as class=toc but used for non-menu blocks. @media screen and (max-width: 600px) changes these blocks to button-lookalikes.

Added list centering css in an attempt to center lists at eight different @media widths. This works some better (no way to center a list based on the current screen width).

5/14/17 – Menu drop-down level 1 and level 2 changes to allow better identification for both normal and menu-button; touch screen modifications – added @media screen and (max-width: 800px) changed header menu and footer links to button-lookalikes; Site Information Page links changed to button-lookalikes.

Release 14 – 5/13/17

5/13/17 – Footer modifications (for small screens) – child footer now has separate lines (div’s) for .footer-links, .footer-glt, and .foot-social above the .site-info div. Site-Info and Home links were moved to the .footer-links div, centered, and text 16px. The glt widget (google language translator) is now in the footer (right side). Social buttons are on the left side. No conflict for small screen viewing. Home page now has glt on content toward top – put glt widget in “widgets for shortcodes”, used generated shortcode to place on Home page (this eliminates glt widget in footer for Home only). Set the site width to 500 for the site information pages (except About).

5/12/17 – Eliminated the header h1 link to Home. Changed the header h1 hover color to same blue as the non-hover color.

5/11/17 – Made changes to improve touch screen link access (Release 13 small links were hard to touch) – Created a Site-Information page containing links to Site-Map, Search, Contact, Links, and About pages. Added this page to the menu (left side). Eliminated the header links line containing these five links. Changed the Site-Map to full-width and copied the new, private Side Bar Widgets page site-map to the content area. Added “amr shortcode any widget” plugin and used it to put the Search widget onto the content area of the Search page (using short code). Increased the page menu text to 14px. Deleted the @media screen and (min-width: 300px) css (added to the child css two days ago). So, the normal theme css is back to being used at min-width 600px.

Release 13 – 5/10/17

5/9/17 – Using css, modified the page menu spacing and menu drop down size (allow/help fit on small screens) – abbreviated some page titles to accommodate new size. Copied the @media screen and (min-width: 600px) css to the child css and changed the width to 300px – basically eliminated the menu changing to a menu button on almost all mobile screens (in portrait orientation).

5/7/17 – Via header.php, added Site-Map to the header link-line; eliminated AA Fords Site Map in the main menu.

5/6/17 – Converted Home, About, Search, Contact, and Links to full-width pages; added AA Fords Site Map page as a default template. It is the only page with a sidebar. Changed css to center the sidebar for this page. Changed the site-content and widget-area widths to 99.9% and .1% for all full-width pages. Moved social media buttons to the page footer (retained Facebook and Twitter buttons only). These changes allow/help AAFords to fit small screens (like smart phones)

Release 12 – 05/02/17

5/2/17 – Changed child header.php and style.css to added header links line above menu. Eliminated body links line on all pages.

5/1/17 – Revised CSS for Google Language Translator for multi-screen size considerations

4/30/17 – Revised all pages for multi-screen size considerations – moved heading up, reduced heading h1 text size, eliminated heading h2, reduced page heading text size, moved lines with links to About, Search, Contact, Links to clear page heading when screen size is reduced for cell phones. Reduced spacing for h1, h2, h3 text headings.

4/6/17 – Re-installed 229-A service car photo after re-generating thumbnail; fixed missing “cfg” anchor for 88-A; updated plugins; changed most galleries to show captions on pop-up image.

Release 11 – 3/26/17

3/26/17 – Updated to WordPress 4.7.3; updated all plug-ins to be current. Completed the AA-16000 Fenders-Boards-Shields page

12/31/16 – Added “88-A Platform Installation Hardware U-Bolt Locations” gallery to match RGJS release 4

12/22/16 – Created “Outline Levels HTML Code” page to provide the html for outline levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 – including bullets for these levels

12/13/16 – Added CSS Paragraph Class p60, p70, p80, p80f14 (alternative to blockquote).

12/7/16 – 12/13/16 – Updated to WordPress 4.7; updated all plug-ins to be current.

My 2/25/16 fix for excess images must have gotten overlayed by updating new versions. So, changed settings for WP Canvas Gallery to zero-out and un-check all 11 additional media sizes (Appearance>Gallery); the theme functions.php generates 624×9999. Could not figure out how to code the child functions.php. So, I changed the theme functions.php and copied the change as comments into the child functions.php. Changes must be re-done when the theme is updated with a new release. Cleaned the wp-content>uploads of all thumbnails except 150×150 (made the total uploads 68.4 MB for 736 files). Used Regenerate Thumbnails plug-in; verified all galleys and page inserted images still worked.

12/6/16 – Added CSS Gallery Class c2, c3, c4, and c5 to center thumbnails for less than 6 image galleries.

11/27/16 – Updated to WordPress 4.6.1; updated all plug-ins to be current

5/29/16 – modified text of the site tour on AA Fords Overview page (also modified production site).

Release 10 – 5/29/16

Updated to WordPress current release; updated all plug-ins to be current; added cab/chassis gallery to Cabs page; added ice/service gallery to Special Bodies page; added grain gallery and updated text; expanded AA-4000 Rear Axle page; expanded AA-5005 Frame page to include gallery of frame drawings; added AA-17750 Bumper page; expanded AA Information to include MPH information; expanded AA Fords Overview page to include more detail and added a Site Tour;

Release 9 – 2/25/16

2/25/16 Added override to WP Canvas Gallery to comment out all media generation sizes (about 10); added override to theme function.php to comment out generation of featured image size; modified media settings to only generate a thumbnail; added Media File Manager and Regenerate Thumbnails plug-ins; cleaned uploads folder by eliminating all generated sizes except 150×150 thumbnail; created upload sub-folders and moved media to new folders; verified all galleys and page inserted images still worked. These changes reduced the total site size and gave organization to the 60MB, 656 image files (prior upload file was 134MB and 2,434 files) .

Release 8 – 2/21/16 – Test Duplicator filter

2/21/16 Added filter to Duplicator to exclude upload file; added Platform Truck Gallery page; modified wc-gallery.php to eliminate creating extra image files (these files are not used in my galleries).

2/19/16 Added Express Truck Gallery page and added link in Express Body page; replaced 330-A in Closed Body gallery with higher resolution image; added AA-5320 Muffler page with a link to the AA Truck Talk article and link to Aries Limited.

Release 7 – 2/6/16 – released to resolve a problem with production version on iPage

2/6/16 Added Mats/Carpets/Scuff-Plates page with scuff-plates under construction; updated to WordPress 4.4.2; updated several plugins to current versions

11/17/15 Replaced Closed Body gallery; added galleries for Dump, Coal, and Garbage bodies

11/15/15 Updated to WordPress 4.3.1; updated several plugins to current versions; updated body type table and corresponding PDF

08/08/15 Updated to WordPress 4.2.4; updated several plugins to current versions; updated body type table

04/30/15 Updated to WordPress 4.2.1; updated seven plugins to current versions; added link to “AA Truck Talk – AA Floor Board & Mats” on the Floorboards page;

Release 6 – 03/01/15

03/01/15 Updated to WordPress 4.1.1; updated all plugins (most had updates)

11/4/14 Added a link to tt-to-aa.pds at the bottom of 89-A Express Details page, added AA-13510 Electrical System page and a link to aa13510.pds, changed media setting for thumbnails to 150x150px and to crop to that size – should allow for galleries to be fixed in size unless something other than thumbnails is selected for display.

11/3/14 Added links to aafords.pds>195a179a.pds, 195a197au.pds, 185b.pdf, 187a.pdf, 187aoe.pdf, and 242a.pds in corresponding page to serve as temporary documentation.

11/2/14 created directory aafords-pds on my iPage account (to be used to upload PDF files which can then be linked to within this site). This eliminates large files from the site and makes uploading new releases faster. Added link to aafords.pds>body-types.pds to Body Types page and eliminated this pds from the site. Added links to aafords.pds>88aoe.pdf, 185a.pds, and  229a.pds in corresponding pages to serve as temporary documentation.

Release 5 – 11/1/2014

10/31/14 Finished the 89-A express article (both overview and details), Revised 88-A platform article (both overview and details) to follow the 89-A express article format, installed new releases of two plugins.

10/14 Installed WordPress 4.0. Installed new releases of plug-ins. Installed Revision Control plugin to cut down on the number of page revisions maintained. Installed Scroll Back to Top plugin as prior plugin would not work as wanted on long pages. Installed TinyMCE Advanced plugin to allow additional functions for Visual editor such as adding Anchors links. Installed Text Hover plugin to allow popup text for abbreviations use on site such as AA131.

10/9/14 correct “coak” to “coke”, added galleries for the body and parts booklets, worked on a detail page for the 89-A express.

10/??/14 added Engine ID Makeup, Monthly Engine No’s. and Parts ID Makeup, to AA Information page.

10/3/14 changed borders to 2px (from 4 or 5 px). Installed new releases of plug-ins. Gallery release required updating galleries so that titles showed below images. Installed WP 4.0

5/9/14 made changes to child Style.css as a new standard. Corrected header image to be responsive. Updated plugins and themes to current releases. Updated to WordPress 3.9.1.

4/29/14 added parts identification, body parts listings, and parts price list information to the AA information page. Deleted the two parts pages.

4/28/14 Added header images to home page. Added Google Language Translator. Changed home page leading text for search engine result display.

4/17/14 Installed WordPress 3.9. Found the Visual editor was using html5 which deleted table styling. Added table styling to Style.css with a class = normal and modified page tables to used this class.

Release 4 – 4/11/2014:

4/11/14 Installed Twitter Facebook Social Share plugin; added share bar/buttons to the bottom off each page. Disabled share buttons on Contact page.

4/10/14 Installed WordPress 3.8.2; Duplicator Version 0.5.2;  Google Doc Embedder Version 2.5.13; Google Site Map Version 2.8.8; WordPress SEO Version Installed Really Simple CAPTCHA and Contact Form 7 plugins. Created AA Fords form and added it to the Contact page. Copied Style.css from fmaatc site for new look. Changed menu padding to “0” so that menu fits on one line.

Release 3 – 3/2/2014 – This third release:

3/2/14 Finished the 88-A platform article (both overview and details). Finished the wheel carrier article. Added page content line links to most pages (both top and bottom of pages). Enhanced search page documentation indicating the use of ctrl+f.

2/11/14 Changed hard coded footer links to use the “get_site_url” so that these links will not require manually updating when a new release is published. The code “<?php echo get_site_url(); ?>” replaced the site url in these links.

1/21/14 Added “Content Aware Sidebars” and “Widgets on Pages” plugins for future use. Added “Content Aware Sidebars” and “Widgets on Pages” pages for testing these plugins. Add “Enjoy viewing this AAFords.com to bottom of static page (i.e. Home) sidebar. This is an example of how to get a “Content Aware Sidebars” sidebar onto this static page.

1/18/14 Changed the home page to show on menu and made the overview page a child of the home page. Changed page titles which started with “AAFords” to “AA Fords”.

1/9/14 Added Map link to footer (links to Links page). Changed About page to have a sidebar which includes the Search and site Map (i.e. WordPress default template).

1/7/14 Changed all within site links to stay on current tab rather than opening a new tab/window.

1/1/14 Changed “Jump to AAFords Search, Contact, Links” to “Search, Contact, Links. Changed “AAFords About” to “About

Release 2.2 – 2/10/2014 – Fixed hard coded links in footer.

Release 2.1 – 1/4/2014 – Fixed permalinks

Release 2 – 1/3/2014 – This second release is a major overhaul of the site navigation and page look. A small amount of additional information has been added. The site is still a bare bones skeleton. The Body Types page now has a table of all Ford sold AA body types with links to those body types with existing site pages. Every body type will have page links when AAFords is completed.

This release has changed the main menu link colors as follows:

Black – Not the current page being viewed.
Green – The current page being viewed
Red – The link color when it is hovered over.
Gray – The link color when it is selected.

This release has standardized other link colors as follows:

Blue – An unvisited link (i.e. a link which has not been clicked for the site visit).
Red – The link color when it is hovered over.
Green – A visited link (i.e. a link which has been clicked for the site visit).
Gray – The link color when it is selected.

This release has added the following pages:

AAFords Gallery (a page with links to all AAFords photograph galleries)AAFords Home (the page displayed when first visiting to aafords.com)
AAFords About (this page)
AAFords Search (with an Alternative Search Words table)
AAFords Links (both a list of AAFords pages and links to other web site)

This release has added the following links:

AAFords Gallery (added to the main menu)AAFords About (added under the main menu)
AAFords Search (added under the main menu and page footers)
AAFords Contact (added under the main menu and page footers)
AAFords Links (added under the main menu and to page footers)
AAHome Link (added to page footers)

This release has added “To-Bottom” and “To-Top buttons on the right side of the pages.

Release 1 – 11/29/2013 – This first release is of a bare bones site. It allowed the author to establish procedures for migrating the local computer development site to the Internet host.

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